Chapter 31

Lee Bjella 2015

Celebrating our Heritage of Women in Athletics - The University of Washington

Honoring our Female Pioneers on April 7, 2007 at Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. Athletes who competed for the University of Washington prior to Title IX 1975-76 season were honored.

(back row) Laurel Anderson Tindall 1972, Priscilla Taylor Hickey 1971, 1972,
(front row) Louise Grant Sussman 1960's, Joyce Tanac Schroeder 1972, Karen Patoile Wisen 1964-66

Carol Elsner was awarded the blanket for being a gymnast and coach.

Louise Grant Sussman 1960's, Karen Patoile Wisen 1964-1966, Maureen Ryan 1969-1971, Ruth Rabinovitch 1969-1971, Carol Elsner 1971, 1972, PriscillaTaylor Hickey 1971, 1972, Laurel Anderson Tindall 1972, Joyce Tanac Schroeder 1972

Not pictured but also attended: Sharon Heilman Marks (1960's) Barbara Newton (1960's) and Annette Barton (1970's).

Listed in the program, but did not attend: Dale McClements Kephart (1960's).


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