Chapter 29

Lee Bjella 2015

Early Gymnastics Equipment

It is said that Roman soldiers in the 4th century practiced mounting and dismounting from wooden horses.
(Vegetius “Overview of the Roman Army”)


This vaulting horse was an early 1800's version.


How we got the name "vaulting horse".

1916 version of the pommel horse.

Early 1900's buck.

This picture of horse vaulting is from the 1940's. Notice the horse "neck".

This athlete is vaulting on the "neckless" horse of the 1950's.

This exercise equipment is called an "abdominal chair" - early 1900's by the Narragansett Machine Co., Providence, RI.

Clubs. The men's model was about 24 ounces, and ladie's model weighed about 14 ounces. There were many models of clubs, including a hollow light club that weighed 9 to 10 ounces

Felt mats - made of two layers of one-inch hair felt

Swedish Vaulting Box

Posse Inclined Rope



"Spring Beat Board"


"Three Man Up"



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