Lee Bjella 2015

Pictures of Washington State Judges

Young Karen Wisen

Karen judging at 1984 Olympics

young Barb MacAfee

young Karen Wisen

Karen Wisen judged at the 1984 Olympics (This is a photo of her judging in the 1970's)

Barb MacAfee




young Laurel Tindall

Marge Eilers, Barb Graisy, Val K.

young Priscilla Hickey at UW

Laurel Anderson Tindall

Marge Eilers, Barb Graisy, Val K.

Priscilla Hickey at UW




young Lee Bjella

young Lee in college

Myrna Clark and 4 generations of gymnastics

young Lee Bjella

Lee Renier Bjella at Bemidji State University

Myrna Clark and 4 generations!
Cindy VanZanten, Faye Brock, Kara VanZanten, Myrna




Kay Canedy

1987 judges open

Kay Canedy

1987 Judges Open

young Myrna Clark




Laurie Reid 2009 Harley Meet, Seattle

Susan Okazaki, Dean Ratliff, and Kathy Lucero

Donna Lucero, 2009, inducted into WOA Hall of Fame




Our adopted Eastern Judge, and Part-Time Seattle Area resident, Myra Elfenbein.

Earla Reed 1973

1990 Good Will Games, Seattle Karen Wisen, Priscilla Hickey, Nola Ayres, Laurel Tindall




Top: Dianne Palmer, bottom, Lee Bjella - gymnasts at Bemidji State 1975

Corine Frohm Olsen - SPU gymnast

Michelle Pohl LaDow - Elite Gymnast - first female in US to compete triple full.






Kathy Crawford- High school






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